Monday Video: Big Burghley Fences, Teeny Tiny Bicycle

The whole EN team is completely keyed up and excited for the return of The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials this week (yeah, it’s basically September already! Can you believe it?) and after a two year COVID-induced hiatus I wasn’t sure if anything else could could get me looking forward to streaming Burghley cross country this Saturday even more than I already am. Oddly enough though, this video has done just that — and there isn’t even a single horse in it!

This video features professional Trials Rider, Duncan Shaw of Scotland, as he tackles some of the biggest Burghley fences on his teeny tiny bicycle. Trial Biking is extreme sport where competitors navigate an obstacle course and penalties are awarded for setting foot or hand on the ground. The lowest score at the end of the competition wins. Sounds a little familiar, no?

These fences always look enormous even with a 16.3-hand Warmblood in the frame for reference, but get ready to appreciate their size and scale on a whole new level thanks to this video.

P.S. My sincerest apologies to any Trials Riders out there reading this — I’ve literally just Googled your sport, but I see you and I appreciate you as a fellow participant in a sport of insanity. Come jump more cross country courses!