Monday Video: Boyd and Bruno Beat the Clock at Pau

I unfortunately couldn’t watch Les 5 Etoiles de Pau cross country livestream this Saturday, but I could tell from the pinging of messages flying through the EN team Slack channel that it was an absolute doozy.

Thanks to EN team superhero Cheg Darlington running live updates, I was able to fully catch up with all the drama on course but my first real glimpse of the action has just come via this video of Boyd Martin and the Goodwin family’s Federman B‘s catty and FAST run across Pierre Michelet’s bold course.

Boyd and “Bruno” were the only pair to meet the optimum time out of all 54 pairs to leave the start box that day. While they did trigger a MIM-clip at fence 13B, their quick round still saw them climb from 16th to 9th after this phase, and then a double clear jumping round the following day would see them complete the event in 8th — that’s two for two top ten five-star finishes for Bruno now.

Enjoy their full cross country round above!

Les 5 Etoiles de Pau: [Website] [Results[Live Stream] [EN’s Coverage]

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