Monday Video: Build Your Own Skinny Brush Fence

Course designer and five-star rider Cathy Wieschhoff is back with another “One Minute With Cathy” video, featuring a quick tip for industrious eventers everywhere.

Recently inspired by a portable skinny brush jump she saw at an ECP Symposium, Cathy decided she could make one herself. She’s sharing how she did it, and you’ll only need a few materials and tools:

  • A short pole (repurpose a broken one!)
  • A barrel
  • A paddle drill bit (3/4″ should do it)
  • Some brush! (Anyone still got their Christmas tree around?)

We’ve also seen an additional tip from William Micklem: he advocates for the use of shorter standards with this type of fence in order to reduce the risk of injury to the rider’s kneecaps should the horse drift to one side. If you have some broken wooden standards that you could repurpose or cut a pair down to size, that would be ideal. Of course, then you’ll need to add flags on each side for the full effect. You can buy some bendy poles commercially or maybe try a small diameter PVC pipe from your local hardware store.

Want more quick tips? Cathy’s YouTube is full of ’em! Here’s one on making some brush fillers, if you’re still in a DIY mood.

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