Tuesday News & Notes from Kentucky Performance Products

Here in the UK, I’m basically living in a mud tornado of sadness right now, so I’m not sure whether sunny training clips from Florida make me feel bitter jealousy or give me a much-needed dose of escapism, but I’m aiming for the latter and trying to learn a thing or two from the clips in the process, too. Ahh, who am I kidding — Andrew McConnon, you can cash me ousside, how ’bout dat?

Events Opening Today: Ram Tap National H.T.Pine Top Spring H.T.Ocala Winter IICarolina International CCI & H.T.

Events Closing Today: Jumping Branch Farm H.T.Ram Tap H.T.Ocala Winter I

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

Horse lovers in Britain have long been fighting for safer roads — and figures show why. Despite amendments to the Highway Code, intended to increase safety for vulnerable road users, a striking number of riders and horses were injured last year while hacking on the roads – and already, two horses have been killed in road accidents in 2023. [Crunching the numbers — and what can be done]

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be somewhere where cross-country schooling is already viable – or maybe you’re just preparing for that glorious day. Either way, there’s no time like the present to solidify your position for this pivotal phase, and to understand the mechanics of your body and how it can work to help you balance and cue your horse while jumping solid fences over variable terrain. There are few people more equipped to teach you all this than Karen O’Connor, who’s done a video lesson for USEA to help us all get ready to excel. [Sharpen up that position]

Your horse’s posture at the time of imaging could have a huge impact on a kissing spines diagnosis. It sounds kind of obvious now that I type it out, but it’s actually the discovery of a recent study, which examined horses’ backs while engaged and disengaged. [If you’re into x-rays and vet chat, this one’s for you]

You might’ve heard of ‘quiet quitting’, the ‘new phenomenon’ that’s hitting corporate America. Of course, if you own and run a barn, you may well be achingly familiar with it as a concept already. [This one’s satire, folks]

Best of Horse Nation: In this week’s Mythbuster post, HN examines whether horses can actually learn stereotyped behaviour, such as cribbing, from one another. [Nature v nurture]

Sponsor Corner: Are carbs the enemy when it comes to feeding your horse? No – but they can only be digested in limited quantities, so it’s crucial that you learn exactly how to feed them to reap the maximum reward. KPP has the info you need. 

Watch This:

Back to England, and back to 4* rider Ashley Harrison, whose vlog this week shows what a day in her busy life is actually like:

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