Monday Video: Defeat the Drift by Turning the Saddle

One of the frustrating beautiful things about riding is that it’s always a work in progress and it’s never not beneficial to go back and work on some basics. With the off-season on the immediate horizon for most — or already here for many — there’s a whole winter ahead to polish your skills and hone your technique.

Recently for my horse and I, we’ve been working on turning without drifting through the outside shoulder since sometimes we start off our rides looking a little too much like this:

Since Tokyo Drift has no place in riding, this is something I’ll be continuing to work on over the winter with the help of my instructor. I was delighted to recently also come across this video from Amelia Newcomb Dressage, who likes to use the mantra “turn the saddle, not the bridle” to reinforce the correct turning aids that will keep your horse from drifting. Take a peek at the video below where she walks us through these aids and demonstrate an exercise, and get inspired for your off-season flatting sessions!