Monday Video from CLM DWN: All Your Convention Videos (So Far) All In One Place

Photo by Abby Powell.

Couldn’t make it to Boston for the 2019 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention? Couldn’t tune into the livestream while you were at work? Maybe there was more than one session you wanted to watch going on at once? Never fear!

The USEA has generously published the recordings of many of the sessions that were presented over the course of the convention. We’ve listed all of the videos currently available right here, but be on the lookout for more via the USEA website as they’re made available.

Horsemanship Series I: Helping Improve the Eventing Athlete — Mark Revenaugh, DVM, Max Corcoran

Horsemanship Series II: Practical Advice to Optimize Horse Training — Max Corcoran, Tim Worden PhD

Horsemanship Series III: Effects of Shoe Modifications on Sport Horses — Max Corcoran, Steve Teichman

The New FEI Dressage Tests Demystified — Marilyn Payne

Cultivating The Whole Equestrian — Emily Hamel, Tyler Held

Panel Discussion: Why Aren’t U.S. Event Horse Careers Lasting Longer? — Erik Duvander, Matt Brown,  Max Corcoran, Sam Watson, Susan Johns, DVM

Feeding Strategies and Nutrition for the Sport Horse — Jaclyn Gagnon

Sport Massage for the Performance Horse — Jo-Ann Wilson