Monday Video from CLM DWN: This Six Pole Leg Yielding Exercise is Simple but Brilliant

With the current break in competition, now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to go back to basics if you’re able to ride your horse. Lateral work is a great thing to focus on in particular, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little inside leg to outside rein work? My horse and I sure do.

Australian eventer Amanda Ross brings us this super versatile leg yielding exercise, which she first learned from US-based Australian show jumper, Harley Brown, and has stayed a staple exercise in her training toolkit for over 20 years. The beauty in this exercise is partially in its simplicity — all you need are 6 ground poles — and partially in how easy it is to tailor to various degrees of difficulties. It can be done at all three gaits and it can even be turned into a jumping exercise by raising the poles instead of using ground poles. Oh and don’t don’t worry — you don’t even have to have a proper 60 x 20 meter arena — it’s more about the spacing of the poles that matters.

Give this video a watch as Amanda first gives us a quick whiteboard lesson in how to set up the exercise, how to modify it if needed and then demonstrates it on two horses at different levels of training. I can guarantee you I’ll be setting this exercise up for myself next time I head to the barn — thanks for sharing, Amanda!