Monday Video from CLM DWN: Why is Ingrid Klimke Dressed as a Milkmaid Riding a Purple Cow?

Spoiler alert: We’re still not really sure, to be honest.

Here’s what we do know:

  1. This costume contest puts the popular one at the Washington International Horse Show to shame.
  2. This horse, Weisse Düne (who Ingrid also rode in the Stuttgart German Masters,) is a total saint and an absolute doll. The mare is jumping a meter-whatever in an arena full of a screaming, singing crown with a fake udder taped to her … udder. She is a GEM and I would like purchase five of her right now, please.
  3. We do also know that their costume is a reference to the Kraft Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate bar:

    They did a pretty good job with the paint, eh?

  4.  And also, thanks to my sister who has retained a medium-level competency with the German language from high school, we know that the song that they enter the ring to, and later sing along with, is the theme from a, of all things, Japanese anime cartoon called “Heidi, Girl of the Alps.”
  5. Finally, again thanks to my sister, we know that the winner of the contest was decided by an audience vote based on the roars of the crowd and that our dear Ingrid Klimke made it to at least the top three.

Did she win? We may never know because I don’t speak German, I can’t find the results anywhere, and my sister has now cut me off from sending her weird horse videos and asking for translations.