Monday Video from CLM DWN: ‘Yes, Ma’am!’ It’s Good to be Back on Course

We think this is a really fun helmet cam to cap off your Monday! Take a ride around the Preliminary cross country course at Poplar Place Farm in Georgia with Stephanie Tyler-Wright and Madison Avenue, a 17-year-old  OTTB Thoroughbred mare (who raced under the name Diamond Digger) as they make their return to recognized eventing competition this fall. The pair finished in 4th place in the Open Preliminary division, adding a rail and cross country time to their dressage score.

Like many of us, Stephanie and “Maddie” had a long gap in their competition season in 2020 —  their last outing at a USEA event was at Chattahoochee Hills in February prior to their start at Poplar Place this month. Be sure to watch this video with your sound on; you can hear Stephanie and Maddie’s confidence grow after each fence  and it completely encapsulates the joyous feeling of being back out on course!