Monday Video from Total Saddle Fit: It’s Budweiser Baby Season

Carly – First Foal 2019

World, meet Carly, our first foal born this year! 🐎Here she is taking some of her first steps. Who wants to meet her on March 23rd when we open for the season? Get your tickets at

Posted by Warm Springs Ranch on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Okay, okay, I know — this is Eventing Nation. We’re supposed to present you with awesome, funny, crazy videos of people galloping and jumping or at the very least doing some fancy prancing. But some videos are just too cute to ignore. Case in point: this short video of Carly, the first Budweiser Clydesdale born this season at Warm Springs Ranch, Budweiser’s breeding facility in Boonville, Missouri

Those fuzzy ears. That bitty little tail. Those adorable baby bucks. Squee! Can someone tell me what size girth a Clydesdale might wear and if Total Saddle Fit might make one that big? Asking for a friend ….