Monday Video: Where’s Hwin?

“Where’s Hwin?” is a question Elisa Wallace admits to often being asked. From 2015 Mustang Magic top-ten finisher to Preliminary level eventer to real life Breyer horse, Hwin has been a staple in the Wallace Eventing barn, and she’ll continue to be — she’s just taken a bit of a backseat on the competition front in recent years (though Elisa has hinted that hopefully we’ll see her out and about more!) She did, however, make an appearance at the Georgia Open Mustang Show this past weekend.

The now 10-year-old mare has greyed out considerably since we last saw her about, with her mane changing from a deep pewter to snow white over the years, but it seems that she certainly hasn’t lost any of her spark. Elisa brought a herd of five to the Georgia Open Mustang Show, competing with her previous Makeover mustangs Rune and Fledge plus Hwin in freestyles and her new horses Wyeth and Eton in the Trainer Incentive Program (TIP) Challenge. Sit back and enjoy their performances!

Go Eventing.