Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: A Jockey’s Perspective of the Maryland Hunt Cup

For us eventers, the end of April always means time to get super duper excited for Rolex, but for many other reasons, that time of spring is thrilling for other equestrian sports as well. There is the Kentucky Derby for the flat racing lovers, and then there is the incredible Maryland Hunt Cup, widely regarded as the hardest steeplechase in North America. If you’re like me and secretly harbor a desire to be as ballsy as a steeplechase jockey, here is your chance to ride along in the race. We get to ride along with jockey James Stierhoff on Twill Do, trained by William Meister and owned by Lucy Goelet. There is  a lot of information about the Hunt Cup, and thoughts from some top trainers at the beginning, but if you want to skip to the action, go to about 4:31 in the video, and click play!



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