Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: An ‘Imperfect Perfect’ Olympics in Rio

It’s been one week since the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, and this beautifully produced video from the BBC does as good a job as we’ve seen of reviewing everything we saw, felt and experienced in a city that many believed would fail in hosting the Games. Amidst logistical concerns ranging from political instability and violence to pollution and the Zika virus, Rio persevered.

“This brings us to the legacy question: What becomes of all this? There’s no doubt that some of Olympic Rio will rust and fade, reclaimed by a city that plays by its own rules, a city that the Games never came close to taming. Rio may struggle to feel any longterm glow from all this, but while the Games were on, while the giants soared in the city that soars, Rio was as Rio looked: imperfect perfect.”

Go Rio. Click here to relive EN’s coverage from the Olympic Games, which set a new readership record as our most-viewed content in the site’s history (and subsequently crashed our servers more times than we could count).