Richland Park Remix: Best of Instagram Roundup

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Richland Park’s competitors, spectators and volunteers wrote a novel on Instagram this weekend. I’ll let you tell the story of how we’ll remember this year’s event.

Chapter 1: That Saturday morning rain …

The crew at #richlandparkhorsetrials doing a fantastic job keeping up with the weather adding footing to the warm up jumps for xc. Thank you guys!!

A photo posted by Will Coleman Equestrian (@willcolemanequestrian) on

Chapter 2: Sometimes the sky seemed to be in limbo. Were we getting sunburned? Was it about to rain? Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning? Or were we all just about to get raptured?

A photo posted by Sam Kelly (@sam_kelly88) on

May the odds forever be in your favor… A photo posted by Arminda Evelyn (@armindaevelyn) on

Beautiful sunrise this morning at #richlandparkhorsetrials

A photo posted by Will Coleman Equestrian (@willcolemanequestrian) on

Chapter 3: Who cares. Cross country!!!!

#gameface #beastmode #HES #richlandparkhorsetrials #nothingbehindyoumatters A photo posted by @cait2620 on

Watching cross country at the #richlandhorsetrials yesterday. #crosscountry #eventing

A photo posted by Lisa Moorhouse (@teianniawraps) on

Chapter 4: Dogs on cross country jumps and decor shaped like animals definitely gets a separate chapter.

Denver & Scotty!!

A photo posted by Liz Lund (@lizlundeventinganddressage) on

The first ever corgi cattle jockey #richlandparkhorsetrials A photo posted by Radish (@veggiecorg) on

Chapter 5: And show jumping!!

Chapter 6: Wait, did we skip dressage? Dressage too (I guess)!

Epilogue: What it’s all about.

Trash talk & game faces #competitionweekend

A photo posted by McKenna Oxenden (@oxengen) on

Grama Doughty got to see me ride for the first time in a competition today!!!! #bucketlist✔️ #loveyougram A photo posted by Ellen Doughty-Hume (@ellendoughtyhume) on


I’m counting down the days until I get to compete here again! #richlandparkhorsetrials


A photo posted by Jillian Howland (@two_socks_and_a_blaze) on

Go Eventing.

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