Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: ‘Kix’ the Mini Tackles Combined Driving

Combined driving is basically eventing on wheels. There are three phases — dressage, marathon and cones — and likeĀ our sport it’s a real test of athletic well-roundedness.

The marathon phase is the combined driving equivalent of eventing’s cross country, testing competitors’ speed, agility and skill over a series of obstacles of “hazards.” Drivers are scored on how quickly they are able to navigate the course, with penalties points given if too much time is spent at an obstacle or if the team finishes outside optimum time.

If there was a co-efficient for cuteness, however, this duo who competed at the recent Shady Oaks Combined Driving Event, held Sept. 16-18 in Lodi, CA, would have had it in the bag.

Bonnie MacLeod, of Marble City Minis, competed in the Prelim Single VSE division with “Kix,” who is off-the-charts adorable (and also clearly a straight baller — he didn’t bat an eyelash at the cross country hazards).

Here’s a replay of their weekend from our friends at Ride On Video:

Go Combined Driving.