Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Mustang Helmet Cam

It doesn’t get much cuter than watching a sassy Mustang mare storm around a cross country course! Go along for the ride with Tredstep rider Elisa Wallace and her Mustang mare Hwin, who completed her first Training level event this past weekend at the Ocala Horse Properties Fall Horse Trials. They scored 36.0 in dressage, had one rail down in show jumping, and cruised around clear and inside the time on cross country to finish in seventh place on a final score of 40.0.

You can watch Hwin’s dressage test and show jumping round at this link, and you can also watch Elisa’s latest vlog, in which she talks more in depth about the event, at this link. She also finds out that she’s been riding and doing all the barn work with a broken foot — ouch! We hope it heals up quickly, Elisa!