Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Ride Around the World

I’m probably not the only one with a serious case of cabin fever right now, so thank goodness for Facebook and groups like As Seen Through Horses’ Ears. ASTHE is a public Facebook group where members share horseback photos and video from around the world. The only rules are that the shot has to be between the ears of a ridden or driven horse and you have to mention where in the world you are!

Today we’re bringing you six short clips all posted to the ASTHE group so that you can enjoy the view as well. How neat is it to get to see these different corners of the world? And of course the best view is from between the ears of a trusty steed!

Edderton, Scottish Highlands, UK:

Quindalup, Western Australia:

Maura, Norway:

Arequipa, Perú:

Bella y morita viendo el valle de vítor en Arequipa Perú

Posted by Francesca Cavallero Belon on Friday, January 26, 2018

Viđareiđi, Faroe Islands:

Vøtnini today (The waters) 🙂 This is a long way up in a valley (inni í Dølum as we call it), didn't get 'the waters' on this clip, but they were frozen, so not so visible today (they're like two very small lakes). Fugloy is very visible from here, too 🙂 You can even ride higher up on the mountain and get a good view over the neighbouring villages, but due to the snow and it being quite steep, and dark creeping up on us, we decided to head back home :-)Viđareiđi, Faroe Islands

Posted by Hanna Mohr on Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mesoyi, Cyprus:

Exercising the horses after the storm. Ramon calling for his friends. Mesoyi, Cyprus

Posted by Georgia Bruno on Tuesday, January 23, 2018