Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Smile Your Way Through Cross Country

Sometimes finding a daily feature video is super easy — perhaps there’s an eye-catching video on social media that we can’t pass up sharing or you awesome readers send in something to [email protected] Other times it’s a little more difficult, especially as the season starts to wind down and new helmet cam footage becomes few and far between.

So when I haven’t been able to easily identify a video to feature I find myself scrolling, scrolling, scrolling down the YouTube pages of some of the fabulous videographers in our eventing family — RNS Videomedia, Ride on Video, and The Horse Pesterer — looking perhaps for an inspiring winning round from some event or a Big Name Rider showing us how it’s done.

This time, however, a pink pom pom on a rider’s helmet cover along with the glittered hindquarters of her steed caught my eye. Meet junior rider Aliyah Taylor and Tuffian a 22-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse owned by Linda Chatfield. Aliyah’s smile all throughout their trip around cross country at Aspen Farms this past September is as bright as her cross country colors and it’s sure to start your week off with just the right vibe.

Go Aliyah and Go Eventing!