Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: The Age Old Question

So, what’s the difference between CCI and CIC?

If you’ve been eventing for a hot second, you’ve no doubt been posed this question by a friend or family member trying to decipher the lingo of this thing we do. You probably even had this question yourself at some point. Maybe you still do! And no, the answer is not that show jumping runs before cross country in a CIC, though it often does …  And yes, I did think that was it myself up until very recently (please don’t fire me Jenni and Leslie!)

In her latest vlog, Elisa Wallace takes a quiet moment while hand grazing “Johnny” at Ocala International to explain to us plebeians what the real difference is between CIC and CCI.  Of course though, thanks to the recent FEI rule changes, beginning in 2019 we’ll have to get used to all-new names for the levels. CIC will be “Short” and CCI will be “Long.” As annoying as it will be to have to get used to the new categorizations, they might actually make a little more sense after listening to Elisa’s explanation.