Monday Video: Get Some Detail with Doug Payne in Jumper Nation’s ‘Go Jumping With…’ Series

Our sister site, Jumper Nation, has a cool new series inspired by the popular ESPN+ show, Detail, in which professional show jumpers help break down reader-submitted rounds. If you’re a rider, chances are your favorite pastime is to sit and rewatch lessons, clinics or show rounds – as much for the sentimentality as for the learning opportunities. We are, as a people, rather perfectionist-leaning and while this can easily turn into nitpicking even the best round to death, it’s true that a great way to learn is to watch the film, if you will.

So the Jumper Nation team went out looking for an all-star team of show jumping professionals to help bring this detailed analysis to this series. The first edition, featuring eventer slash show jumper Doug Payne’s critique of a submitted round. Want to submit a video to learn from pros such as Doug, Erynn Ballard, Sloane Coales, Jimmy Wofford and more? Click here to learn more about “Go Jumping With ___”.