Monday Video: Magic Michi Wins Big at Amadeus Horse Indoors

Is there really an off-season for Michael Jung? While his event horses have been enjoying their post-season downtime complete with adorable winter woolies, Michi has his jumpers fully legged up and has been busy taking on the European show jumping scene.

On Saturday, Michael took home the big win of the competition at the Neuro Socks Amadeus Horse Indoors CSI 4* & 2* in Salzburg, Austria with the 13-year-old Westphalian mare Fischerchelsea (Check In 2 X Argentia E, by Argent) owned by Klaus and Sabine Fischer alongside Michael parents, Brigitte and Joachim Jung. The pair beat out 65 total entrants in the €45,000 Travel Charme Championship of Salzburg CSI 4*, 13 of which qualified for the jump-off over 1.55 m.  Watch their round above!

[Salzburg CSI 4* Full Results]