Monday Video: On Tour with Piggy

What off-season? Not long after unpacking from Pau (which wasn’t all that long after unpacking from Maryland), Piggy March took her literal show on the road with Piggy TV On Tour! Piggy TV On Tour has already brought three live demonstrations to arenas around the UK, with two more on tap (you can grab tickets for those here, if interested!) Each demo features a different top-level rider sharing their own wisdom in addition to Piggy’s as they work with an assortment of horses from former five-star mounts to fresh-off-the-track Thoroughbreds.

The first Piggy TV Demo took place at Hartbury Equine’s arena and featured none other than fellow five-star and Team Great Britain rider Laura Collet. The ladies who vlog at The Eventing Journey, were in attendance at this demo and have put together a bunch of snippets to share. Enjoy!

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