Tuesday News & Notes from Kentucky Performance Products

It’s very definitely indoor eventing season, and while I’m stuck at home watching on the livestream, I’m definitely getting my fill of the adventure of getting there by following along with young Swedish eventer Sofia Sjoborg as she documents her trip from England to Malmö for the next class on the calendar. Go forth a live vicariously through her, too, as she takes on one of Europe’s most prestigious competitions of it’s kind!

Events Opening Today: None!

Events Closing Today: Also none!

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

I’m always a big advocate for voting within whichever governing body you’re part of. It’s a way to ensure that your needs are being met, and your voice is being represented – and it’s exercising your right to democracy, babyyyyy. Take a look through this year’s nominees for the USEA Board of Governors and prepare to cast your vote wisely.

What does a horse actually need to make it to the top in eventing? COTH caught up with three titans of US eventing — Phillip, Jennie, and Boyd — to find out what they look for in a horse they plan to bring through to the top. As it turns out, even the very best find it seriously difficult, and I’m not sure yet whether I find that reassuring or demoralising, but I’m aiming for the former.

Have you got a horse that’s stuck on box rest for the long term? This article might be a bit of a must-read. It’ll help you get your support system and your care plan down pat, and keep yourself, hopefully, a little bit saner than you’d have been otherwise. Stay strong out there, folks.

Great news for Thoroughbreds in the US: just under $4 million has been awarded in grants to organisations dedicated to the care, support, and rehoming of ex-racehorses in 2023. That pushes the overall total to $31.9 million since the inception of the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance in 2012. It’s a promising shift in the right direction, and you can learn more about it here.

Sponsor Corner: How quickly did you switch your horse from pasture to hay? Making the transition too fast can result in gas colic– and big vet bills. Check out this infographic from Kentucky Performance Products on how to make the transition safely.

Watch This:

Ever wondered what it’s like to be the rider in a lecture demo with an eventing legend? It goes a little something like this…

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