Best of 2021 Video Countdown: #5 – Ride the Lexington 4*-S with Elisa Wallace

Each day between now and the New Year we’re counting down the top 20 most popular videos shared on EN in 2021. The #5 spot goes to this video, which garnered 2,922 views when it was originally posted on April 26, 2021.

Normally, if there’s a live stream of a four-star event I’d be glued to my phone or computer during the cross country phase, but after having experienced an emotional roller coaster (from the comfort of my couch) while watching the 5* that morning I have to admit that I only very casually watched the cross country for the inaugural Lexington CCI4*-S as I booted myself out of my house and out to the barn to muck some stalls. I propped my phone up against the stall dividers as I mucked so I could at least hear the action while I did chores.

I’m sort of mad at myself for not paying more attention to it. From the glimpses I caught and from what I could hear it was a really tough track (multiple riders were jokingly calling it a 5*-S) and the gnarly wet conditions made the going even tougher. I mean, does this cover photo not give you major Burghley Leaf Pit vibes?! Derek di Grazia, who designed the Kentucky courses for both divisions, was not messing around.

I’m anxiously awaiting the on-demand reply of the whole division on USEF Network, but in the meantime Elisa Wallace has come through with a helmet came as usual! Elisa rode two horses in the division, Let It Be Lee (who is featured in this helmet cam and finished the course with one stop, which you’ll see) and Riot Gear who Elisa elected to retire on course. Enjoy the ride with Elisa and Lee and make sure you keep listening after they’ve completed the course — it’s always so interesting and educational to hear how Elisa analyses her rides afterwards!

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