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I know I need to wind down the festive content, and I will, but only after I’ve shared these naughty little elves with you. This is the only kind of content my cheese-brain can process at the moment, and I suspect you’re all feeling much the same, so you’re welcome.

Events Opening Today: Pine Top Intermediate H.T.Ocala Winter I Horse TrialsFull Gallop Farm February I H.T.

Events Closing Today: Fresno County Horse Park Combined TestHorse Trials at Majestic Oaks

Tuesday News and Notes from Around the World:

The points have been tallied, the honours have been distributed, and these are your 2021 USEA Intercollegiate Riders of the Year! This super program continues to grow and gain in strength and popularity, and we can’t wait to see what’s on the cards for 2022.

A partially-sighted teenager hopes to inspire others to jump and compete after taking 11th place at a Pony Club regional championship. Even more impressively, he did so without the aid of a guide rider, which he ordinarily uses to find his way to the next fence, because his guide’s horse pulled up lame partway around the course. 

A contentious rule-change in the UK now means that many drivers can legally tow a trailer without additional training and qualifications. The British Horse Society has provided some useful advice to motorists to help prepare them to do so safely and sensibly.

Sick of throwing marks away in your reinback? Steal some tips from the dressage world with this guide for laying the foundations for success from the ground first. Let 2022 be the year of straight lines and diagonal pairs of legs taking clear, confident steps, you dressage diva, you.


Video Break:

Relive one of the rounds of the year, as Great Britain’s Nicola Wilson and JL Dublin made a major move towards taking the European Championship back in September.