Monday Video: What LRK3DE Job Would You Most Want to Try?

As with so many things concerning horses, it takes a real village to make an event happen — especially one as big as the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. In episode three of the beautifully produced Behind the Barn series, this time presented by Southern California Equestrian Sports, some of our favorite riders were asked which of the many jobs at LRK3DE they would most like to take if they weren’t riding.

Which rider would like to be the Saturday night entertainment? Who wishes they could re-live their Pony Club years and get to open the arena at A? Who wants to still be be in the saddle on Saturday as an outrider? And who would most like to be behind the bar in the VIP tent? Find out in this video!

How about you, EN fam? What job would you want to do at LRK3DE? Let us know in the comments!