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A little “what am I even looking at?” abstract art to go with your morning coffee. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

I know things can get intense when you’re in the thick of competition season, but a friendly reminder that it’s OK — healthy, even! — to just go for a meandering stroll some days. Take a deep breath and hit the trail, where you both can allow your bodies to relax and your minds to wander. I’ve been working part-time as a horseback trail guide for the past year or so, and spending so much time in the woods has really re-anchored me to what drew me to horses in the first place. It’s helped me be more present both in and out of the saddle.

Your News & Notes:

Volunteers make the eventing world go ’round. The third installment of LRK3DE’s volunteer spotlight series celebrates Sheila Woerth, Course Decoration Chief Steward; Debbie Hinkle, XC Hospitality co-Chief Steward; Thomas Gable, Chief Farrier; and Carolyn A. Borgert – Chief of Fence Judges, Communicators, Stopping stewards & Interior Crossing Guards. [Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event Volunteers – Part 3]

Eventers will sleep pretty much anywhere to avoid the expense of a hotel, with our horse trailers often being the most convenient option. Maybe it’s time to level up! Adding living quarters to your bumper pull trailer takes careful planning but can be a gratifying DIY project. [Convert Your Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Tack Room into DIY Living Quarters]

Meet eventer/mom of a 1-year-old/businesswoman Morgan Batton, who won The Fork at TIEC CCI3*-S last weekend with I’m Sew Ready. Top quote: “No one else is going to chase your dreams for you. It’s up to you.” [Winner Of The Week: Batton Balances Motherhood And Business On Her Way To A Win At The Fork]

Best of the Blogs:Why is Everything With Horses So Hard?” by Anna Blake

Podcast: The latest Noëlle Floyd interview roundtable — “What Does ‘Doing Better’ Mean? Reflections on Horse Training Following the Mark Todd Video (with Anne Kursinski, Matt Brown & Jeremy Steinberg)

Video: From Pippa Funnell, “A massive thank you to all the volunteers in our sport. Helping out at South of England Horse Trials.”


A massive thank you to all the volunteers in our sport. Helping out at South of England Horse Trials.

Posted by Pippa Funnell on Sunday, April 10, 2022


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