Monday Video: What’s New for Elisa Wallace

2020 didn’t turn out the way anyone thought it would, but despite the hardships faced and the lack of competition many eventers made the best of their stay-at-home situations for the majority of the year. Among those eventers who turned some lemons into lemonade was five-star eventer Elisa Wallace.

For Elisa’s 2020 saw the purchase of a new farm in Ocala, Florida and, since the COVID-19 pandemic meant that much for time was spent at home this year, lots of work that went into said new property. With a dearth of major competitions lots of time was also spent building connections with some of her newer horses and a few of her mustangs were even able to complete their first events.

Here’s an update straight from Elisa about her horses and her hopes for 2021! You can also look forward to new content from Elisa coming out on Wednesdays (think, “Wallace Wednesdays!”) on her YouTube channel this year.