Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Photo courtesy of Barnstaple South.

This past year has crippled many events across the country, but we are excited to highlight a new addition to the USEA calendar, Barnstaple South, which will be hosting their first recognized horse trial this weekend, January 9-10. They are located in Morriston, Florida, just outside of Ocala and boast 40 acres of cross country. Follow the live scores this weekend.

National Holiday: National Whipped Cream Day (Also election day if you live in Georgia!)

Events Opening This Week: Rocking Horse Winter II Advanced H.T.Paradise Farm H.T.

Events Closing This Week: Grand Oaks H.T.Stable View Aiken Opener H.T.

Tuesday News: 

Event horses are so much more than what you see galloping past you at big events. They’ve got big personalities. Pfun is among this variety. Between his quirky name, his favorite person and his inner celebrity, “Teddy” is a lot more than a handsome grey horse. [Behind The Stall Door With: Pfun]

As eventers I’m sure we’re all familiar with dropping the F-bomb a time or two. The F word here of course is failure. Competitors have long said they learned much more from their failures than their successes, but it’s a lot more difficult to accept that in our day-to-day riding. Set goals for every ride, fail sometimes, and learn. [The F Word]

What exactly is a “flake.” That’s part of the problem — they can all be so different. Despite the convenience of flaked hay, your Pony Club instructor may have been onto something when they told you to feed by weight. [Don’t Flake Out: Feed Horse Hay by Weight, Not by Flake]

What to listen to this week: The newest USEA Podcast episode. Coach Tony Sandoval talks the often overwhelming New Year’s resolutions. Listen in for tips on goal setting and achieving.

Tuesday Video: