Monday Video: Your Education Hookup from BarnStaple

The whole EN team was really impressed by the educational offerings at the Peterson Smith BarnStaple Educational Three Day, a USEA registered educational activity, over the weekend. Not only did competitors enjoy a riding a classic long format event, but they also participated in a host of lectures and demonstrations to set them up for success that weekend and beyond.

EN’s own Shelby Allen was lucky enough to participate with her loverly horse (and she’ll be writing more about her experience later), but anybody who couldn’t be on site in Florida still had a whole livestream of the educational sessions at their disposal via RNS Videomedia. Also lucky for the rest of us, all the of sessions are available on replay on YouTube!

I’ve embedded Kyle Carter’s steeplechase demonstration above, which is both entertaining and insightful (we knew Kyle was a great speaker from our EN x Ride iQ course walks at Kentucky and Maryland — and this is just another example!) but there’s so much more to watch:

And that’s just a handful of the seminars! Check them all out here and enjoy digging into these during your offseason.

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