Tuesday News & Notes from Ocala Horse Properties

Anna-Katharina Vogel and DSP Quintana P at Pau – the last event on this journalist’s calendar for 2022 and one she’s very thankful for indeed. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means I — your loyal British and European correspondent — am taking the reins at EN this week to give the team in the US a chance to unwind, head home, and eat a lot of food. (Eat some for me, guys!) As a Brit, Thanksgiving isn’t really something that factors into my calendar, and I mostly hold a melee of opinions about the whole sorry state of affairs that kickstarted it — but I do love the idea of making space for gratitude, which is something that we’re all guilty of running out of time for in our hectic day-to-day lives.

This week, I want to try to slow everything I do down a bit and take the time to really savour the moment and the people and places who are part of it all. I’m grateful for the chance to spend time with a horse who’s changed my life for the better; I’m grateful for a job that gives me the chance to travel the world and daydream about ponies all day long; I’m grateful for a partner and friends who are more like a big extended family. Mostly, though, I’m grateful to everyone who posts photos of their Thanksgiving dinner so I can engage in a savage, wine-fuelled judge-a-thon over how you all season your meat. Happy holidays, folks — if you need me, I’ll be dragging my non-horsey boyfriend out to the field to feed my nag a selection box of root vegetables.

Events Closing This Week: Full Gallop Farm Jingle Bells H.T

Tuesday News & Notes from Around the World:

Piggy March is reflecting on the season – and the sport – in her latest column for Horse&Hound. In it, she suggests different ways riders can contribute to progressing the sport — from helping one another out to getting involved in tough decisions. Plus, she praises the ‘old school’ event horse and laments the loss of some of Britain’s most useful Advanced runs. [A particularly good Piggy dispatch]

As we head into winter, we’re all cautious about the spread of EHV and EIV. But you can offer yourself considerable peace of mind by introducing sensible biosecurity measures into your barn — and ones that can take to the road with you while you’re competing, too. [Keep those ponies safe]

I’m all about a good pump-up song. I actively have to listen to ‘Church’ by T-Pain before I go cross-country, or in the car on the way to report on a five-star cross-country day, or I feel like I’ve missed something hugely important from my to-do list, which results in me getting a doomy feeling that sets the tone for the rest of the day. But as Daniel Stewart explains, there’s actually a really sound psychological basis for the use of an ‘athletic anthem’ to put you in the right headspace to compete. [Honestly, though, listen to Church]

Finally, the ‘social license’ dilemma has been put to a survey. Turns out we’re really not very popular. [The numbers suck, but we need to know them to improve]

The OHP Dream Farm of the Week:

Where do I even begin with this utterly delicious spot? The spacious, beautifully maintained arena? The generous 21 acres of space? The pool of actual dreams? The classy, cozy interiors? I love this place.

Listen to This: Want to get yourself prepared for the USEA Convention? The latest episode of the US Eventing podcast dives into what’s on the agenda and why you should be there, with Rob Burk and Max Corcoran.

Watch This: Ever fancied giving team chasing a go? British amateur eventer Lucy Robinson took to the fields and hedges — and she’s shared the rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions that happens while out there in the mud!

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