Gift Guidance for Mom’s Day

Dear Moms,

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Thanks for being there to pick us up when we fall (off the horses). Thanks for cheering us on. Thanks for putting up with our insatiable desires to run fast and jump high atop heavy four-legged creatures. We love you for being you, for being our Moms.

Dear Readers,
You’ve only got a few days left to get your mom a gift. We’ve got some ideas to help you get started. 3, 2, 1, Go! Good luck!

If Your Mom Loves Horses, Too
Lucky you to have a Mom to share your addiction with!  This should be easy!  Almost everything you need can be found at the local tack and hardware store.

Junk Drawer: Junk drawers consist of bits and bytes a person doesn’t ask for as a gift but they are always needed and a pain to buy.  Contents can include double-end snaps (can’t get enough of those), screw eyes, duct tape, electrical tape, a pair of scissors, a hoof pick (useful for more than just picking feet), a measuring tape, safety pins.  Organize in convenient container (it’s the only time it will be organized) and pair with the always appreciated bag of horse treats.  **Junk drawers are awesome gifts for any occasion: wedding showers, kids off to college, housewarming parties.  Adjust contents of drawer accordingly**

Homemade Horse Treats:  It’s the homemade part that counts.  A simple Google search will award you plenty of available recipes.  Ingredients are easily found in local grocery stores.  If baking isn’t your thing, go with a 25 lb bag of Apple treats.
Beauty Supplies:  Ya know, like Showsheen, green spot remover, hoof polish, baby oil, shampoo, a hoof pick.  Arrange adorably, but go with something more creative than a colorful bucket, like a handy tote or a saddlebag….Oh, you thought I meant beauty supplies for her?  Well, I guess you could throw in a spa coupon, if she’s into that kind of thing.  
Magazine subscription:  Has she had to let her Chronicle subscription go “because of the economy?”  Does she love Practical’s “Jumping Clinic” with George Morris but won’t renew just for him?   (Psst, a subscription is a great last minute item).  If you can’t get your hands on the newest issue, grab an old one you have lying around and present it to her with a subscription card to clue her in.
Get Creative:  Are you the artistic type?  Weld some horseshoes together into something useful like a paper towel holder, or a coat rack.  Sketch a picture or take a photo of Mom and Horse.  If you don’t have the skills, don’t worry, other people’s art is nice too.  Schedule professional photos of Mom, horse, and family.  Bronze statues of frolicking foals and athletic jumpers are elegant.  Susan Burns is one of my mum’s favorite equine painters.  
Horsey Activities: Plan a horsey outing for Mom and Offspring.  She probably would love a trail ride and a cook-out much more than brunch in a stuffy restaurant with all the other moms.
Coupons:  Kindergarten teachers are on to something with coupon books.  Moms work hard, and sometimes they have to choose between riding and washing the truck and trailer, polishing brass and pulling manes.  Just don’t get cranky and resistant when she goes to redeem a favor.  Or you could wow her and do chores without being asked!  Gasp!
If She’s An Awesome Horse-Show Mom
Horse-Show Moms are priceless.  They are great grooms and the best cheerleaders. It’s tough work being a horse-show mom.  She is up long hours and suffering through the heat and inclement weather right along side you.  She deserves to know how much you appreciate all her support…and boot-polishing skills.
Team Gear: Get matching caps, t-shirts, or windbreakers embroidered with “Team last name here“.  Sure it might be hokey, but moms love stuff like this, as long as you promise to wear it too. While your at it, get Mom an great shady hat and good sunglasses or a nice cozy coat for cold weather.  Why not a great pair of barn boots?   
Get Cute:  A year’s supply of sunscreen and bug repellant.  Clear out the stain remover section at Target to wash away pony kisses.  Follow mildly sarcastic stuff like this up with a genuine gift for the perfect silly/serious combo.
A Comfortable Foldable Chair: With cup holders and a leg rest.
What NOT to Give Horse-Show Moms: Tack-cleaning supplies.
If She’s Just Not That Into Horses

Simple, No Horses: She listens to the stories, she sympathizes with the difficulties (barely), she thinks the horses are big, and she closes her eyes when you jump.  What this mom wants is an entire day of non-horsey activities, non-horsey gifts, and non-horsey jokes.  It’s her day and you owe it to her……hate it!
Well, I have a horsey mum, sooo…the flow sort of stops here….
I know!  A beautiful framed photo of you and Horse at latest show, flawlessly sailing over a solid oxer with determination and grit that you could have only gotten from your momma.

I’m just here to jump-start the creative process.  I hope I’ve given you some good ideas.  Make it count!  Oh, and if your mom is cool and doesn’t mind you’re at a horse show this weekend, don’t forget to call her on Sunday.
Happy Mother’s Day.  Thanks Moms, where would we be without you?

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