Need-to-Knows: The Tokyo 2020 Eventing Line-Up At a Glance

When it comes to lengthy soliloquies to the competitors at major events, you know EN’s got you covered. But sometimes, you just need something quick and thorough to service all your needs – and fortunately for you, we’re no one-trick pony. We’ll be bringing you comprehensive form guides on both the teams and the individual competitors lining up at Tokyo this week, but first, we’ve broken down the field, with its 65 combinations, 15 teams, and 29 flags, into some delicious, easy-to-gobble bitesize factoids. Only got five minutes to spare on Olympic information-absorbing this evening? Use it wisely and have a skim through these golden nuggets.

(Editor’s note: We’ve included the substitute combinations in our calculations for these stats. They’re denoted by an asterisk (*) anytime they’re specifically named.)

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