New (Amateur-Friendly) Grant Alert! Applications Open for Kim Meier ‘Kick On’ Memorial Grant

Kim Meier and Test Run at Rolex. Photo courtesy of Kim Meier.

The USEA Foundation and the USEA have announced a newly-formed “Kick On” Memorial Grant in honor of the late Kim Meier. Well-known and widely respected within the sport for many accolades, Kim found much reward in the production of her own homebred horses, six of whom would go on to become Advanced horses and one of whom, Test Run, would eventually become her Kentucky partner.

After a freak riding accident paralyzed Kim from the C5 vertebrae down in 2007, her love of horse and sport never wavered. “Needless to say we weren’t at Rolex, but a year later I did ride him again, with someone behind me holding my limp body up,” Kim wrote in 2016. “He didn’t care if we were galloping down to the Head of the Lake or if we just walked around the indoor for 15 minutes. He was always there for me, and this time he came back to help me feel alive again.”

Kim Meier and Test Run at Rolex in 2004. Photo used with permission from Dean Graham.

Now, the Kick On Memorial Grant will assist riders who are struggling financially to compete their own horses at the upper levels. These riders will have passed beyond the cutoff point for most funding currently available, and the grant is only open to those who own their horses in full, without partnerships or syndicates. The fund was established and is funded through the kindness and generosity of those who knew and loved Kim.

Here’s some more information on how to apply — applications will close on October 15.

The USEA Foundation is now accepting applications for the Kim Meier “Kick On” Memorial Grant through October 15th. This grant, established in honor of Meier who made it to the highest level of the sport through her own grit and determination, is intended to assist those riders who are struggling to financially compete their own horses at the upper levels and who have passed beyond the funding available for juniors and young adults. This fund was established and funded through the generosity of Kim’s friends.

Grant applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 26 years of age or older
  • Be current members of the USEA
  • Wholly own their own horse(s) without partnerships or syndicates
  • Be currently at the Preliminary level, FEI equivalent level, or above (preference given to Intermediate or Advanced level riders)
  • Submit their application by or before the due date of October 15th
  • One applicant who meets the above criteria will be selected to receive a $5,000 grant to help support their competitive or training goals

Ready to apply? Click here to get started.

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