Training Tip Tuesday Video Break: 5 Tips to Boost Your Dressage Score

FEI dressage rider and judge Ally O’Neill teamed up with the FEI recently to provide her top five tips for all of us hoping to squeeze just a few more points of favor when we tackle the first phase of competition. Vlogger Han from Han Equestrian takes us along for the learning experience, and it’s worth saving this one for your next ride to practice.

Among Aly’s tips:

Know your arena – know how big your circles should be, and practice in an exact-measured space so that you know your working space
Know your test – pretty self-explanatory!
Prepare in advance – know when to apply your aids to execute at the right time during your test

Be sure to watch the video to see more of Aly’s tips and an explanation for each one. It’s a great video full of visual explainers and tips to take home — enjoy!

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