New Product Sends Signals for a Horse in Distress

Photo courtesy of Hamilton BioVet. Photo courtesy of Hamilton BioVet.

Hamilton BioVet has launched a crowd-funding project for Equine Night Check, a new product that will be able to send distress signals when attached to a halter or neck strap.

This project is near and dear to Hamilton BioVet CEO Meg Hamilton, who lost a horse to colic. “For years, I have wanted to use my background in developing electronic technologies to create a product that would detect the earliest symptoms of such conditions and then alert you and the barn manager,” she said in an article published on Horse Nation.

How does it work?

Equine Night Check can detect signs of colic, laminitis, foaling or being cast. By attaching the small device to your horse’s halter or neck strap, it can communicate by sending a remote signal to a cellular interface that can be plugged into any electrical outlet. This will send a text message to the designated phone number giving a description of what Night Check is picking up on.

The halter that will be distributed with Night Check has four breakaway points, but for those who are concerned about leaving any halter on, there will be a neck strap option as well.

Photo courtesy of Hamilton BioVet.

Photo courtesy of Hamilton BioVet.

Night Check is a sensor with state of the art software to decode the activities of your horse and warn you when there is abnormal behavior such as being cast in the stall or showing symptoms of colic.

Night check analyzes your horse’s behavior and calls or texts phone numbers you designate when colic, a foaling mare or other situations are likely. This means you won’t get a text every time your horse kicks the wall during feeding time or lays down to take a good roll.

The battery in Night Check lasts anywhere from three to six months, and the device will also send you an alert when the battery is low.

How far does the signal travel?

The signal from Equine Night Check can travel up to a mile to the cellular interface, which allows the horse to be in a nearby pasture and still efficiently wear the device. If your horse goes out at night, Night Check can still communicate with you should the need arise. The cellular interface can stay plugged in at the barn, which allows it to communicate with Night Check and send messages to your phone if or when needed.

How much will it cost?

The product is expected to retail for $500. The package will include the Equine Night Check sensor, the cellular interface, and either a halter or neck strap.

I’m sold! When will Equine Night Check be available?

Currently, Hamilton BioVet is utilizing IndieGoGo to help fund this project. You can visit the fundraising site here. Those who donate will be eligible for a tiered incentive structure, which can include discounted Equine Night Check products once the device is ready to sell. The incentives for donating start small, and with as little as a $15 donation, donors will be entered to win a free Night Check upon release.

What do you think of Equine Night Check, EN? Would you buy this product? You can learn more about it in this video:

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