Nicola Wilson Discharged from Hospital

The sunny and superb Nicola Wilson. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

Excellent news! Nearly four and a half months after her fall at Badminton in May, British European champion Nicola Wilson has been discharged from the spinal rehabilitation unit at The James Cook University Hospital and has returned to her home and family.

“I’m so, so grateful to medical team at Badminton, who saved my life,” Nicola said in a video update from her home. “I’m so indebted to you for doing that and for putting me in the position where I am now.”

Nicola goes on to thank the staff at both Southmead Hospital as well as James Cook — her newfound family, as she puts it — for helping her navigate her rehabilitation. Her spinal injury has affected the mobility of her arms, hands, and to some extent legs, necessitating the re-learning of some functions.

“My arms, as you’ve seen in the various videos, have also been getting better, but they are much much further behind my legs,” Nicola shared. “I still can’t feel my hands. And I need my eyes to know whether I’ve got something in my hand or not. I need my eyes to know where my feet are where my arms and hands are.”

Despite the long road ahead, Nicola remains unflinchingly positive and pragmatic — at the end of the day, being home with her family has become the biggest blessing of all. “There is a lot more rehab and work to be done, but I’m so delighted to have phase one completed and behind me,” she said.

You can watch and hear more from Nicola in her video update below. We continue to wish her and her family well as she progresses in her recovery and will share more updates as they are posted. We’re all pulling for you, Nicola!

Posted by Nicola Wilson Eventing on Thursday, September 15, 2022