Nupafeed Weekend Winners: Ocala, Pine Top, MeadowCreek Park

I can’t quite believe that this is to be my last Weekend Winners post for…the foreseeable future. Just when things should be the perfect amount of chaotic here at EN, we’re entering into an unprecedented period of downtime instead. Never fear, though, as we’ll have plenty of content coming your way to help you keep your sanity. In the meantime, let’s celebrate our final weekend of winners. Until next time, y’all!

This weekend’s lowest score award goes to Liz Halliday Sharp and Shanroe Cooley, who won their Open Training division on a finishing score of 20.5. Liz Halliday Sharp ended her abbreviated spring season on a high note, winning four divisions at Ocala II Winter Horse Trials at Florida Horse Park.

Ocala Winter II H.T. [Website] [Results]

Advanced CT: Liz Halliday Sharp and Fernhill By Night (27.9)
Advanced/Intermediate: Liz Halliday Sharp and Cooley Quicksilver (29.3)
Intermediate Horse: Liz Halliday Sharp and Cooley Stormwater (27.4)
Intermediate Rider: Kimberly Be’gin and Ballinagore Rock Quality (51.6)
Open Intermediate: Hannah Sue Burnett and Lukeswell (35.1)
Open Intermediate Jackpot: Buck Davidson and Copper Beach (33.0)
Open Preliminary: Joe Meyer and Kindred Spirit II (28.4)
Open Preliminary Friday A: Kelly Prather and Catch Me Cooley (23.9)
Open Preliminary Friday B: Alex Green Kerby and Maximum Fernhill (20.8)
Open Preliminary Jackpot: Leslie Law and MTH Shannondale Khaleesi (24.6)
Preliminary Horse: Jennie Brannigan and Amazing Anthem (32.6)
Preliminary Rider A: Makayla Rydzik and Fluorescent Adolescent (35.9)
Preliminary Rider B: Kiersten Miller and Mama Mia (25.2)
Modified A: Lauren Yeagy and Bacardi III (29.5)
Modified B: Kendal Lehari and Iron Lorde (26.7)
Modified C: Emily Coulter and Artibella (27.8)
Open Modified Jackpot: Leslie Law and Shirsheen Ice (29.8)
Jr. Training Rider: Emeline Gilbert and Herr Winzig (21.2)
Open Training A: Mia Farley and VC Caalif Elmy (24.3)
Open Training B: Hannah Sue Burnett and Leo Distinction (31.4)
Open Training Friday: Liz Halliday Sharp and Shanroe Cooley (20.5)
Open Training Jackpot: Mia Farley and Northern Victory (21.7)
Sr. Training Rider: Rebecca Puglisi and Rosie’s Little Miss Liberty (33.6)
Training Horse A: Kurt Martin and Miss Peny Lane (28.6)
Training Horse B: Beth Murphy and Jimba (25.5)
Training Horse C: Maxine Preston and Wants To Be Cooley (25.7)
Jr. Novice Rider: Olivia Iskra and Princeton Pride (31.0)
Novice Horse A: Alex Green Kerby and J-Truman (30.5)
Novice Horse B: Lee Maher and Redfield Escape (23.3)
Novice Horse C: Megan Edwards and The Immigrant (22.6)
Open Novice A: Jane Musselman and Engapore (21.9)
Open Novice B: Jennie Brannigan and FE Subiaco (22.9)
Open Novice Jackpot: Lillian Dobat (22.4)
Sr. Novice Rider A: Alyssa Cairo and Paddington (24.5)
Sr. Novice Rider B: Erin Walker and Rock On Cooley (31.7)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Ella Marinucci and Close Watch (35.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Michelle Mercier and Tullibards Chance Taken (24.7)
Open Beginner Novice Jackpot: Savannah Fulton and Cash Point (22.5)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Robin Barr and Tout Fini (22.5)

Pine Top Spring H.T. [Website] [Results]

Open Intermediate: Boyd Martin and On Cue (35.4)
Open Intermediate B: Daniel Clasing and Greek Empire (32.2)
Open Intermediate C: Nicole Parkin and Lander (38.3)
Open Preliminary A: Ashley Adams and Charly (27.8)
Open Preliminary B: Elizabeth Bortuzzo and Royal Archie (26.1)
Preliminary Rider A: Laura Douglas and Sophia Fab (34.6)
Preliminary Rider B: Meghan Marinovich Burdick and London ROF (40.1)
Jr. Training Rider: Sophia Kager and Little Miss (39.7)
Open Training A: Ryan Wood and Ben Nevis (29.3)
Open Training B: Boyd Martin and Penhill Celtic (27.6)
Open Training C: Lillian Heard and Cooley Greystones (26.2)
Preliminary/Training: Daruish Keyhani and B.E. Cruiseland (36.1)
Sr. Training Rider A: Will Englehardt and WEC Emperor of Hope (45.3)
Sr. Training Rider B: Lyndsay Poole and Celtic Forte (39.7)
Jr. Novice Rider: Avery Grantham and BeauJeste (30.5)
Open Novice A: Matt Brown and Sunsprite’s Huatulco (22.8)
Open Novice B: Matt Brown and RH Independence (24.8)
Sr. Novice Rider A: Stephanie Counts and Emillion To One (35.7)
Sr. Novice Rider B: Caroline Gregory and Forever June (31.9)
Training/Novice: Isabel Brunker and Allia (30.5)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Emma Potts and Boomtown II (30.8)
Open Beginner Novice: Jennifer A. Scherrens and RME Brave (33.6)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Chacea Sundman and Blew By You (31.4)

MeadowCreek Park H.T. [Website] [Results]

Open Preliminary: Chloe Johnson and I Spy HX (30.5)
Open Training: Amanda Merritt and Flat Gone (33.4)
Preliminary/Training: Carson Crowel and Levity (27.7)
Training Rider: Julianna Pohoski and Lil Jet Setter (30.9)
Jr. Novice Rider: Avery Daigle and Fernhill Fierce (27.1)
Open Novice: Christine McCarter and Glenlord’s Laralie (27.9)
Sr. Novice Rider: Debra Dealcuaz and Fernhill Flyer (32.4)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Avery Wagner and Shamrock Sherman (36.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Brittany Caflisch and When Stars Align (29.0)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Casey Locklear and FLS Major Bounce (31.3)
Starter: Kaetlyn Perkins and Blye Eyce (34.2)

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I am so very proud and over the moon with how this weekend went! Rizzo and Tick tock finished on their dressage scores of 27.1 and 27.9, to take home first and second! (With Rizzo winning by .8😂) Such a great first show back in Area V and a great way to end our novice debut (if corona allows us to run our first trainings🤪) Oh and my team for junior team challenges with Kenna and Anna took home first this weekend! 🥳🥳🥳👏 Thanks @rbriding for helping make this all possible! Great job to @csj.eventing @kenna_not_dina @hpage.eventing @eadeventing @ellesnyder_eventing @val_eventing @amweventing @eventing.dewey @ampeventing @cameventing @mojoeventing @eventing.with.jules #averysdoitbest #fernhillsporthorses #fernhilltickthebox #ride4ashley #ride4grady #frscheckitoutnow #rbriding #fernhillfierce #areav #areaiii #rideforkatharine #rideae #americanequus #americanequuschosenrider ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @polos_over_bros Avery17 for 15% off🎊 @ellanyequestrian Avery10 for 10% off!💛 @msvids_ ambassador☑️ @thepamperedponytreats sponsor

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