Ocala Horse Properties Announces Rebecca Farm Flight Grant

Ocala Horse Properties has announced a new opportunity for riders hailing from Areas I, II, III and VIII who are hoping to compete at the picturesque Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Mt. in the form of the Ocala Horse Properties Rebecca Farm Flight Grant. The 2022 event is scheduled for July 20-24, 2022.

“In 2021 the team from Ocala Horse Properties, led by Rob and Chris Desino, visited “The Event at Rebecca Farm” for the first time,” the grant announcement states. “In awe of the quality of the event, they felt that the entire eventing community, especially those on the East Coast of the United States, needed to make this event a part of their yearly competition plans. Inspired to take action, Ocala Horse Properties announced during the 2021 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention that they would step up to provide two grants to make the trip possible for horse and rider combinations at the CCI4*-L and CCI3*-L levels.”

Ocala Horse Properties has a long history of supporting and sponsoring 3-day-Eventing, but this is the first time that they have established a grant through the USEA Foundation.

The Ocala Horse Properties Rebecca Farm Flight Grant is intended to be an annual award given to two horse and rider combinations, one competing in the 3*-L and one competing in the 4*-L. Riders must be USEA members and reside in Areas I, II, III or VIII at the time of application. The winners of the grant will be drawn during the a live stream on Kentucky 5* weekend (April 27-May 1). Applications will close on April 20 at midnight Eastern time.

Some additional information concerning the Ocala Horse Properties Flight Grant:

  • Each horse and rider combination will get round trip airfare to and from The Event at Rebecca Farm from a location on the East Coast determined by Ocala Horse Properties.
  • Excludes all other expenses such as hotel or local transportation, i.e. rental car, etc.
  • Entry into the event will be the responsibility of the grant recipient, and due to the popularity of the event, it is recommended that entries be submitted when registration opens on June 7th.
  • The CCI4*-L opportunity is targeted at Advanced level riders. The rider must have completed two (2) CCI4*-S in the past twelve (12) months.
  • The CCI3*-L opportunity is targeted more broadly to include rising stars. The rider cannot have competed above the CCI4*-S level. The rider must have completed two (2) CCI3*-S in the past twelve (12) months. The horse must have done two (2) CCI3*-S events at a minimum.
  • Grant recipients are ineligible to reapply for the grant for five years following selection.
  • If the horse intended for competition becomes unable to compete leading up to The Event at Rebecca Farm the rider can sub in another horse who meets qualifications in a timely manner. If that is not feasible then an alternate horse and rider combination, selected through a random drawing may receive the award. If neither of these combinations can compete then the money will remain in the grant fund until the following year.
  • Applications for the Ocala Horse Properties Rebecca Farm Flight Grant are due by midnight eastern time on April 20, 2022. Recipients will be selected by a random drawing held by the Ocala Horse Properties Team assisted by representatives of The Event at Rebecca Farm and the USEA Foundation during the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Rebecca Farm remains one of EN’s favorite events and we’re pleased to see additional support coming in for this epic venue. Go Eventing!