Omega Alpha Blogger Challenge: Elusive Outlaw

We recently selected a few bloggers to try out a 30 day supply of Omega Alpha’s popular joint supplement, Sinew-X. These bloggers have received their supply and will be starting their horses on a 30 day regimen, all while blogging about their observations and results! We can’t wait to see how their horses take to the supplement, and we hope you enjoy following along! You can read Elusive Outlaw’s introduction here.

Ollie waiting to school cross country at Quail Run Farm.

Ollie waiting to school cross country at Quail Run Farm.

I think one of my favorite feelings while riding is the little bit of anxious butterflies you get in your stomach when you’re coming around the corner to a jump. It’s the feeling of seeing the line and the distance. You’re telling yourself not to rush the jump and to stay out your horses’ way. Then eventually you find yourself settling into a rhythm and reminding yourself to wait for the jump to come to you.

Since Ollie has gotten back into work it has always been a game of not jumping him too much so he wouldn’t be lame for a week afterward. We’ve been on the hunt for the right combination of joint supplement and shoes. About two weeks before we started the Sinew-X, we changed Ollie’s shoes so that he has a pad in the left front and a double pad on the right foot.

He has been on the Sinew-X for a few weeks now and I am extremely pleased to announce that we have been working sound. So sound in fact, we put in a solid jumping work this past Saturday with some gymnastics and even schooled a 4-foot oxer a handful of times. We jumped him over approximately 30 efforts and he never seemed uncomfortable on his injured foot at all.

I was anxious to get back out to the barn on Sunday and see how sound Ollie would be after jumping the day before. I decided we should flat work to see how he felt.

I held my breath as we warmed up on a working walk as I expected the first handful of trot steps to be a dramatic head bob. There was no such bob and there was no lameness.

We hit the trails on Monday evening for some hill work and again no lameness. Ollie enjoyed the chilly weather and the chance to stretch his legs on the trails, while I enjoyed the sound horse.

The whole weekend surprised me, normally we would have jumped him on Saturday and he would have been off the next few days. I’m really excited about the results I’m seeing from the Sinew-X.

It’s been a long time since Ollie hasn’t limped for days after jumping. It makes me even more excited for our upcoming cross country school this weekend. With these results I’m looking forward to more jumping and the start of our show season. I think we found a keeper in the Sinew-X.