Omega Alpha Reader Submission of the Month: June

EN isn’t just your leading source for eventing news, results and commentary; it’s a community where fans of this crazy sport come together to share their war stories. We love hearing from readers and, in turn, sharing your thoughts with the world. All reader submissions are eligible for the Omega Alpha Reader Submission of the Month in which they are published. All winners will receive an Omega Alpha supplement of their choosing. Have something to share with EN? Send it to us at [email protected]!

Jana Lyle and Tupelo. Photo by Stephanie Hussman. Jana Lyle and Tupelo. Photo by Stephanie Hussman.

Our winning Reader Submission for the month of June comes from Jana Lyle, who sent in a report on her clinic with George Morris. George has worked with many eventers in the past, and it’s always a treat to be able to see George in action. Check out her post “A Weekend With George Morris” to get the full scoop – including whether or not Jana escaped without a famous reprimand!

I was so pleased with my horse; he really held his own among the fancy hunters and equitation horses. George made it clear he is a fan of the Thoroughbred, often referring to warmbloods as “half-breeds” and commenting that several of the horses did not have enough blood in them.

I’m so appreciative to have opportunities like this; it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and well worth it!

Jana will receive a free supply of an Omega Alpha supplement of her choosing. Want to win an Omega Alpha supplement? Send in your story, clinic report, video or other article to [email protected]. If it’s published this month, it will be eligible for July’s giveaway. (Month to be determined by date of publishing, not date of submission.) Many thanks to Jana for writing and to Omega Alpha for supporting Eventing Nation. Go eventing!

Here are a few of our other favorite Reader Submissions from June:

Tribute to Jordan McDonald: “Remembering Jordan McDonald” by Lesley Grant-Law

“I can only begin to imagine the crater of loss that has been left in Shandiss’ and the McDonalds’ hearts. As a wife of an event rider, there have been occasions when I think of how I would cope in the worst case scenerios, and I can honestly say that aside from the fact that I have a son to protect, I cannot imagine how I would wake to take another breath if I lost Leslie in that way. I can promise you one thing, my son will never be encouraged by me to event. If he has the passion we will support it, but believe you me, I will be pushing dressage or show jumping as hard as I can.”

Tribute to Benjamin Winter: “Remembering the Life of Benjamin Winter” by Maren Engelhardt

“Ben was as much a great individual as he was a “team” effort — his mom, his trainers Rüdiger Schwarz, Fritz Lutter, and since his official nomination to Germany’s A-squad, of course the team trainers, Chris Bartle and Hans Melzer, all stood behind him. Ben was the guy that had this huge smile on his face in almost every photo you will find of him when not on a horse, deep in concentration.”

Best Research Piece: “U.S. Eventing Team Veterinary Panel on WEG Selection” by Colleen Hofstetter

“Which horses move on to the next level in the team selection process all comes down to the soundness of the horse and their bio-mechanical ability to complete a major competition; the Veterinarian Panel understands and respects the hard work everyone has put into their horses. Not an easy job, but one well worth it, especially if the US comes home from Normandy with healthy horses wearing medals.”

Best Rider Profile: “A Few Things About Tim Price” by Jacky Green

“Tim Price’s win at Luhmuhlen may have come as a surprise to many, but not to those that know the story of his and Wesko’s journey to get there. The acceptance speech that Tim gave in front of the crowd was typical of Tim: eloquent and to the point. He dedicated his win to Benjamin Winter with grace and a sense of timing that few would have after a weekend of shocking dramas that had everyone reeling on Sunday at Luhmühlen.”

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