Omega Alpha Reader Submission of the Month: October

EN isn’t just your leading source for eventing news, results and commentary; it’s a community where fans of this crazy sport come together to share their war stories. We love hearing from readers and, in turn, sharing your thoughts with the world. All reader submissions are eligible for the Omega Alpha Reader Submission of the Month in which they are published. All winners will receive an Omega Alpha supplement of their choosing. Have something to share with EN? Send it to us at [email protected]!

We’re pleased to announce that Kirsten Cowan’s reader submission, a report on her experience at this year’s Waredeca Classic 3-Day, is the Omega Alpha Reader Submission of the Month for October. Kirsten is the author of The Beast Eventer blog, and sent us her reports from Waredeca in four installments. While Kirsten was unfortunately unable to complete the event on her horse, Ariat, she nevertheless kept us entertained with her commentary on the entire weekend. [Part I] [Part II] [PartIII] [Part IV]

Eventing has its ups and its downs, but at the end of the day it is all about the partner we take to battle with us, our horse.  Without them we would be lost and bored (but possibly rich?!) and it is my mare that lent me the confidence to get out there and give steeplechase a try, something I would have NEVER believed possible!  This is why we event.  This is why we are eventers.  This partnership, through the good and the bad, the partnership is there and it grows if you want it to.  What are you worried about?  Give it a try!

Kirsten will receive a free supply of an Omega Alpha supplement of her choice for sharing their story. Want to win an Omega Alpha supplement? Send in your story, clinic report, video or other article to [email protected]. If it’s published this month, it will be eligible for November’s giveaway. (Month to be determined by date of publishing, not date of submission.) Many thanks to Kirsten for writing and to Omega Alpha for supporting Eventing Nation. Go eventing!

Here are some other reader submissions we loved from this month:

Best Memorial Post: “A Tribute to Mary Ann Baseheart, Owner of Wise Choice Tack” by Angela Sallee

“Mary Ann was one of the first people I told about my engagement, and we would spend hours scouring bridal magazines, and she ultimately helped me select where I should get married. We saved a small kitten from Georgetown Road who became the beloved store cat, Paul Neuman. I loved listening to stories of when she was a model in New York and worked with Dave at Duck Head Apparel. Daily I would go to the store next door and get us bologna and cheese sandwiches and Bugles, and she loved her Diet Pepsi.”

Best Event Report: “My Journey to the AEC Advanced Gold Cup” by Ellen Doughty 

“This sport takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication. I have learned that if you truly put your heart and soul into it, you will one day be rewarded. This sport certainly has its ups and downs, but it is well worth it in the end. For those that think it’s impossible to make it to the top without a fancy horse and a lot of money, I am here as proof that anything is possible. Keep working hard, and one day you will succeed.”

Amy Barrington Fundraiser Shoutout: “Amy Barrington Fundraiser a Successs” by Taren Atkinson

“The clinic raised $15,890 in three days. What is even more impressive than the actual amount raised is that all of it is going to the Barrington/Schlappi home. When the clinic was originally planned, organizers Carolyn and Niki worked together with Robert and agreed to a $235 entry fee per rider, with $200 going to Amy’s family and $35 going to Galway Downs to cover grounds fees, preparation for the clinic and clean up from the clinic. As Carolyn and I sat in her living room Sunday evening totaling up the proceeds, Robert sent a text saying, “Send all the money to Amy and Greg. Thank you for organizing this event.” Galway’s donation totaled $2,095.”

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