Only the Best for Your Horse with Five of Our Favorite Deals from Tuesday’s Virtual Vendor Village

Let’s face it: we treat our horses better than ourselves on most days. Your horse gets a new set of kicks every few weeks, but your tried and true Ariat boots have been your go-to for at least the last seven years. She also gets regular bodywork and acupuncture, but you’re lucky to make it to the dentist every year. Sound familiar?

While we do encourage you to take just as good of care of yourself as you do your horse – after all, your performance in the saddle is linked to how good or bad you feel in your body – we also know that this “horses first” train of thought isn’t likely to change – and in a way, it shouldn’t. Our horses work hard – it’s only right to treat them with the best possible standard of care. With that in mind, I’ve picked out a handful of deals from today’s Virtual Vendor Village that can help you keep that unicorn up to standard this year.

First things first, let’s talk about fly season. It’s already started in many parts of the country, and if you have a horse with any type of skin sensitivity, the impending summer can be a cause for anxiety. But not with EcoVet!

EcoVet is a solution for flies and the skin irritation they can leave behind. Thanks to EcoVet’s innovative use of fatty acids to repel flies, the repellent acts as a strong, long-lasting deterrent. You can read more in this product review. This week, you can save 30% on your order of EcoVet using code “Virtual30.”

In addition to external care, keeping your horse feeling good on the inside is also key. We’ve partnered with Kentucky Performance Products for many years and have come to trust in their line of supplements aiding with everything from hydration to calming to recovery and everything in between. We’re particularly fond of the Summer Games Electrolyte, which comes in a palatable powder or a dosing syringe. You’ll save 20% off your order and receive free shipping and a sticker (part of a new collection of stickers) when you use code “ENVV2021”.

When it comes time to tack up, ensuring proper fit of all equipment is compulsory. The tack sector of the industry is highly competitive and always evolving, and with new technologies emerging regularly it’s always intriguing to see what new products are brought to the market. VIP Equestrian (also affiliated with Achieve Equine’s other brand, FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips) has a thin and unobtrusive saddle pad designed for riders of all disciplines. Made with a proprietary polymer instead of gel, the VIP Equestrian pad is a new option for additional impact absorption and heat distribution without affecting saddle fit.

As a part of the Virtual Vendor Village, you’ll save $10 on the purchase of your new VIP Equestrian saddle pad using code “LR2021”.

You can never keep enough basic supplies on hand, and Perri’s Leather is here to help you stock up on cotton leads today. Grab a couple to keep in your show trunk or on the trailer, or treat the whole barn team to a matching set – all for just $9.95 each using code “COTTON”. Perri’s Leather has a long-standing reputation as a quality maker of goods, and this steal of a deal will stock your inventory with a quality lead for all situations.

And of course, we couldn’t leave the riders out of this lists altogether! This week, Horse & Rider Books is offering 20% off its vast collection of titles using code “VV21”. We often post excerpts from various titles in the Horse & Rider Books collection – here’s one of our favorites from the late and legendary Jane Savoie.