Ownership Change Ushers in New Era for MeadowCreek Park

LeeAnn McQuade & Corp Trip at MeadowCreek Park. Photo by Kate Boggan.

MeadowCreek Park has been a key eventing venue in Area V for more than 25 years. Since the first horse trial in 1992, central Texas eventers have flocked to the 100-acre property known for its straight forward courses and heavy emphasis on competitor camaraderie. Now, MeadowCreek Park is entering a new era with new owners in the Harkin family of Angelique, Shawn and their daughter Kaitlyn.

“My husband and I had been talking about wanting to get land again,” said Angelique. “I mentioned it to a trainer friend of mine who said that Robbie was looking to transition out. Our family had become familiar with MeadowCreek Park while Kaitlyn was on the Texas A&M Eventing Team. We started talking, I convinced my husband – I didn’t think he would go for it. He was excited about the opportunity to have the land and not have to run cows, so we started the process.”

Passing the torch are former owners Robbie and Brad Peterson, who will stay on throughout the year to ensure a smooth transition.

“Nobody wants to take over running a venue cold turkey, so I’m staying on staff as show manager and co-organizer for the September Horse Trials,” Robbie said. “I want to give them every opportunity to pick up in 2020 feeling like they’ve had all the training they can possibly get and jump in head first and go for it. They’re really enthusiastic and energetic about it and I really think they’re going make some great changes and do some good things with it.”

“We absolutely want to continue the USEA horse trials, so we’re in the process of doing the transition paperwork now to transfer those over to us so we keep the dates, keep the numbers, and keep the history because It will be 30 years of running programs at MeadowCreek in the next couple of years,” Angelique said.

The Harkin family is stepping into this new challenge with big plans for the venue and overwhelmingly positive energy to back it up. “We’re working with Carsten Meyer on the cross-country course, on the footing, and upgrading the jumps so we’re able to change something and not always have it be the same course for the riders. We also have plans for improvements to the dressage and jumping arenas – fencing them in and focusing on the footing,” Angelique said.

“It’s important for people to know that we’re looking to continue MeadowCreek’s history and the love of the sport… To continue to offer a safe, nice, secure place for people to come. Our family is big on collaboration and feedback, so we’re open to suggestions, feedback, and great ideas,” she said.

Please join us in giving a warm Eventing Nation welcome to USEA’s newest event owners!

The Fall Social Event at MeadowCreek Park, which is held September 7-8, 2019, is still accepting entries through today, August 20.

[Harkin Family to Continue the MeadowCreek Park Legacy]