Paris 2024 Reveals Equestrian Schedule – With a Twist

The 2024 Olympic eventing format will feel even more compact than that of Tokyo 2020, which delivered the sport in a condensed, high-intensity format. Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

In the latest news from the International Olympic Committee and the Paris 2024 organisers, we’ve been treated to a much firmer timetable of sports, including a daily plan of each of the equestrian disciplines — and all, at first glance, looks pretty much as normal.

At first glance, that is. Another cursory glance will reveal something interesting: at the next Games, we’ll see all the eventing dressage take place over one day. That’s a stonking 65 tests in one go, folks — a big difference from Tokyo, where we saw a 44/21 split over two days. We also saw shorter tests in action at that Games, which will be wholly necessary at the next with this ambitious timetable, and our sources on the inside tell us that some events will begin to trial this format next year so it can be finely honed in time for July 2024.

Here’s a look at how the most exciting couple of weeks of 2024 will play out:

Friday, July 26

Opening Ceremony

Eventing – First Horse Inspection

Saturday, July 27

Eventing – Dressage (team and individual — 65 starters)

Sunday, July 28

Eventing –  Cross-Country (team and individual — 65 starters)

Dressage – First Horse Inspection

Monday, July 29

Eventing – Final Horse Inspection

Eventing – Jumping (team final and individual qualifier)

Eventing – Jumping (individual final, 25 starters)

Eventing – Medal Ceremonies

Tuesday, July 30

Dressage – Grand Prix (1st team and individual qualifier, 30 starters)

Wednesday, July 31 

Dressage – Grand Prix (1st team and individual qualifier, 30 starters)

Jumping – First Horse Inspection

Thursday, August 1

Jumping – Team Qualifier (20 teams/60 starters)

Friday, August 2

Dressage – Second Horse Inspection

Jumping – Team Final (30 starters)

Jumping – Team Medal Ceremony

Saturday, August 3

Dressage – Grand Prix Special, Team Final (30 starters)

Dressage – Team Medal Ceremony

Jumping – Horse Inspection, Individual

Sunday, August 4

Dressage – Grand Prix Freestyle (individual final, 18 starters)

Dressage – Individual Medal Ceremony

Monday, August 5

Jumping – Individual Qualifier (75 starters)

Tuesday, August 6

Jumping – Individual Final (30 starters)

Jumping – Medal Ceremony

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