Part 2 of 2 Rolex Cross Country Open Thread Presented by Merial

Welcome to part 2 of 2 of our open thread coverage of Rolex 2015. Click here for part 1 of 2 of the open thread, which covers the first half of the Saturday action. All scores are provisional. Go Rolex!

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5:35 pm ET: Will Faudree and Andromaque have withdrawn following the cross country.


4:06 pm ET: We have confirmed that all horses and riders who fell today are uninjured, minus a few bumps and bruises. Given the conditions, this is a wonderful testament to course design, course building, good officiating, good riding, and good horses.


3:53 pm ET: In your friendly frangible pin update, Will Faudree and Andromaque, Lillian Heard and Share Option, Allie Blyskal Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio, and Ellen Doughty-Hume with Sir Oberon have all been given 11 penalties for breaking frangible fences. Francis Whittington’s 11 penalties have been removed. Seriously though, as an anecdotal note, it looked as though the frangible pins really did their job out there today. Don’t believe me? Check out the images below.


2:17 pm ET: This concludes the cross country action for Rolex 2015! Scroll down for a recap of the exciting action, ridiculousness, and insanity. And of course stay tuned to EN for much much more from cross country day.


From Eventing NZL:

Oh no, after such a brilliant round, devastating news to hear Dambala has pulled up lame and Emily has withdrawn him from the competition. How heartbreaking.

2:15 pm ET: Eventing New Zealand has is announcing that Emily Cammock has withdrawn Dambala after the cross country.



2:13 pm ET: Your current Rolex leaderboard, as penalties for breaking frangible pins continue to get added by officials [Link]



2:14 pm ET: Too soon, too soon.




  boydandphilliphug 2:06 pm ET: Phillip and Boyd share their joy after two wonderful cross country rides to end the day. Is anyone surprised that the pair of long-time friends make up the two highest placed Americans at Rolex after cross country? This hug makes my day. I’m almost surprised the sun doesn’t come blasting through the clouds in a cascade of rainbows. #bromance #boylip   pdutty 1:55 pm ET: Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice make the Normandy Bank at 23 A, B, & C look effortless. PDutty navigated Happy around almost perfectly, picking up just 3.2 time penalties.  



1:50 pm ET: In an incredible moment, Michael Jung stood up to pat Sam right before the finish line, presumably feeling like he had made the time, but he cut it too close and they took one second worth of time penalties, giving Tim Price the outright overnight lead. Time will tell how expensive those pats were.





1:46 pm ET: Buck and Reggie decide to leave one out with a bold ride at the Market Moguls, jumping out of the camera frame. They would retire a few fences later after 20 penalties at the Frog Pond.





1:41 pm ET: Michael Jung gives his long-time partner Sam a pat after working their way through the Park Question.


  william 1:34 pm ET: William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero , as usual, demonstrate the perfectly calm yet perfectly forward ride into the now very slippery Market Moguls question. They finished clear with a few time penalties.  


2:52 pm ET: So, about that bluegrass…





1:27 pm ET: Marilyn Little and Demeter got off line a little bit in the coffin, I mean “Park Question,” at 8, 9 A & B to pick up an unfortunate 20 penalties. They retired later on course.




  gina 1:19 pm ET: Gina Miles sat very well to get through a sticky moment early with SVR Ron. They would later retire on course.  



1:14 pm ET: Colleen Rutledge and Covert Rights showing off a camera angle from an arial drone as they soar across the massive table.



1:10 pm ET: Bill Levett shows his determination getting out of the Frog Pond early on the course with Improvise. The B element is riding huge today.





1:04 pm ET: Will Faudree and Andromaque – jump it Missy! They finished with just 5.6 time penalties and 11 penalties for breaking a frangible pin.



12:58 pm ET: Donner the Deer and Lynn Symansky soar out of the Frog Pond at #7. Lynn came out riding with the look of a strong sense of purpose. Riders really need to attack this course early on to set a good tone, and Lynn did just that. Clear with 10.8 time.







12:50 pm ET: Allie Knowles and Sound Prospect getting AIR over the table at #2. They unfortunately picked up 20 penalties at the coffin soon thereafter.



12:46 pm ET: Katie Ruppel with a quick helmet adjustment aboard Houdini. The pair picked up an unfortunate stop at the Head of the Lake and were later eliminated for refusals on course at the Water Park duck pond.


  12:42 pm ET: Amanda Wilson and Cool Decision worked their way around Derek Di Grazia’s course with 20 jumping penalties.   12:41 pm ET: Holly Payne and Never Outfoxed were unfortunately not shown very much on the live feed, but they finished a great round with just 5.6 time penalties.  



12:39 pm ET: You can see the ground getting torn up on the landing of the Market Moguls at fence #4 as Lizzie Snow and Coal Creek land after a great ride through. They finished a quality round with 22.8 time penalties.




  12:33 pm ET: Tim Price and Wesko finished double-clear. There was a brief wait while the officials figured out the pair’s time, due to the hold on course, but Tim reportedly finished under the time and is therefore guaranteed the overnight lead.  



12:30 pm ET: We people are crazy!


12:16 pm ET: After a hold on course, for some reason the officials continued to hold overnight tied leaders Tim Price and Wesko, despite releasing Meghan O’Donoghue out of the start box. Tim was released a minute or so after Meghan started. Surely, there is a lot to coordinate on a restart! After an 8+ minute break, Wesko started back for Tim looking fresh and relaxed. The provisional times are going to be a complete mess for at least a short time. Dana Windstrand rode past Tim during the hold, I believe.


  wesco 12:20 pm ET: Tied for first after dressage, Tim Price and Wesko of New Zealand, soared over the first part of the course. They were just slightly back on time when they were held due to a fence breaking in Mackenna Shea’s tumble. Tim wisely hopped off Wesko to give the horse a moment to catch his breath, although the move probably got Tim’s saddle completely soaked!  










  11:55 am ET: We’re half way through the cross-country action at Rolex. To save the chinchillas from dealing with a server crash, we are starting a new open thread for the second half of the action. So this is part 2 of 2. Click here for part 1 of 2 of the open thread.