What Would Jimmy Woof-ford Say About Your Dog’s XC Style? Find Out at the EN Tailgate!

What you’ve heard is true: “Jimmy Woof-ford’s Build-a-Gymnastic Canine Jumping Course” is a real thing that’s really happening AS WE SPEAK over at the EN Rolex Tailgate Party.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Practical Horseman magazine to bring the magic of Jimmy Wofford’s iconic book, Gymnastics: Systematic Training for Jumping Horses, to the animals who need it most: dogs.

OK, yeah, sure — some dogs were born with a God-given gift for the aerial arts.


Other pooches, well… they’ve got to work a little harder.


Jimmy has long advocated that every horse, no matter how aerodynamically-challenged, can be improved by a correct, consistent training system, with progressive gymnastics being a cornerstone of that program. If gridwork can help horses jump better, why not dogs as well?

“Jimmy Woof-ford’s Build-a-Gymnastic Canine Jumping Course” is your dog’s chance to sharpen his/her jumping technique over a customizable series of bounces, one-strides and other assorted combinations.

Is your dog ditchy?

funniest-dog-gifs-puppy-jump-failAre water jumps an issue?


How ’bout those up-banks?


Does your dog tend to go for the long one?


Or perhaps an unorthodox technique is just holding your dog back from moving up the levels.


Successful jumping outside the ring begins with correct training inside the ring. Stop by the EN Rolex Tailgate Party any time during cross-country day to experience “Jimmy Woof-ford’s Build-a-Gymnastic Canine Jumping Course,” the Rolex infield’s premier canine master class.  And while you’re at it (‘cuz it’s gonna be ADORBS), snap a pic and submit it to the World Equestrian Brands Top Dog Contest for a chance to win a Mattes Gold Half Pad.

But wait, there’s more! Did we mention that our special guest is Jimmy Wofford himself?

You read that correctly: Jimmy Wofford — the man, the myth, the dog lover — is stopping by immediately following cross-country to oversee the proceedings and sign copies of his iconic book, Gymnastics: Systematic Training for Jumping Horses. (If you don’t carry a copy around in your purse, don’t worry. They’ll be available for purchase at the tailgate.) If we’re lucky, Jimmy might even share some pointers or demonstrate with his own pup!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for dogs who dream of soaring to brave new heights. Look for the EN Tailgate Party in tailgating spaces B90 and B91, located along the galloping lane beyond the Land Rover off-road course near fence #10, the “Tobacco Stripping Bench.” Red on right, white on left, party in the middle… we’re kind of hard to miss.

For more info on the tailgate and to view our complete lineup of autograph signings and activities, click here.

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