Pau Social Media Roundup – Dressage Day 1

Hannah Sue Burnett and Harbour Pilot will surely be celebrating their dressage score today! Photo from Hannah's Facebook.

The first day of dressage has concluded with, surprise surprise, William Fox-Pitt leading the field on Seacookie. The weather looks to be gorgeous in France for the event, here’s hoping it holds up for the rest of the weekend!

The dressage arena all ready to see some action this morning. Photo via Kate Samuels' Facebook.

It looks as if there may be a live stream happening for Pau – I am unable to view the link but it is all over Twitter.

You can go to the live stream here to check for compatibility.

Mensa takes a quick break from the hard work of being awesome. Photo from the Pollard Eventing Facebook page.

France is about 6 hours ahead of Eastern time, so everyone is likely settled in for the night in preparation for the long day ahead tomorrow.

You won't get lost coming down this aisle! Photo via Katie Thornton's Facebook page.

Beautiful sunrise this morning captured by Katie Thornton.

We resume first thing in the morning with day 2 of dressage. Until then, Go Pau!

Pau Links: [Website] [Dressage Times] [Live Scores] [Course Preview] [FEI TV]

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