Phillip Dutton and Icabad Crane Prepare for 2015 Season

Phillip Dutton has begun preparing Graham and Anita Motion’s Icabad Crane for the 2015 season, and a new video series promises an inside look into Phillip’s training methods as well as Icabad Crane’s routine.

Fresh off of a win at the America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred competition, the Motions declared that the 10-year-old gelding would continue his event training with Phillip in the new season.

This video, which we’ve already heard there will be more of, is a great insider’s look into the way Phillip trains his horses. Phillip graciously narrated this video to give updates on Icabad’s progress as well as explain why he was using certain aids with the horse. It’s definitely a great learning opportunity; think of it as a free, condensed P-Dutty clinic!

To keep up with Icabad Crane as he prepares for 2015, be sure to visit his Facebook page.