Photo Diary: Kyle Carter Focuses on Horse and Rider Trust in Kentucky Clinic

Photo courtesy of JJ Sillman.

Kyle Carter, who has represented Canada at the Pan American Games, Olympics, and World Equestrian Games, has always held a love for teaching and inspiring the next generations of riders. With some extra time left on his hands due to shows cancelling this year, Kyle decided to book a few clinics dotted around the country.

Attending a clinic is a perfect opportunity to hone in on your skill set as shows get back underway — and even if you don’t have competition plans, there are always new tools to acquire even just by auditing a clinic. Kyle’s clinics are no different, and riders consistently come away with new lessons learned and a bigger appreciation for the trust our horses give to us each day.

“He talks a lot of inspiring your horse so that they will trust in you as their rider more,” our good photographer friend JJ Silliman observed while shooting Kyle’s clinic in Kentucky last weekend. “That not everything has to be ridden perfectly, but the horse should have a confidence in you to trust that when they are unsure of something, they should listen to their rider.”

Indeed, in the sport of eventing a horse must more often put its trust in its rider when faced with a tricky situation. On cross country, riders must be prepared to react at any given moment — and the horse needs to have a certain level of trust to respond accordingly.

Kyle emphasized the concept that there are no do-overs at events, so learning to answer a question on the first try is an important skill. “The horse should feel inspired by their rider to believe they can get through anything in front of them,” JJ said.

Chased the daylight right to the end at about 10pm but was thrilled to have Kyle Carter out to the farm tonight. I am…

Posted by Jenn O'Neill on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Riders are guaranteed more than few laughs at Kyle’s sharp wit, and perhaps even a face palm or two at a missed distance, but the education value is certainly priceless. For young and experienced horses alike, working on trust will never steer a rider wrong.

JJ has graciously allowed us to share her stunning photography from the Lexington, Kentucky clinics last week with you here on EN. Many thanks, JJ! Do you want to bring Kyle Carter to your farm for a clinic? Kyle is still booking clinics – you can contact him via email at [email protected].

What good clinic doesn’t last till 9:30 pm 😂😂 Favorite Kyle Carter quote today was “I’ve made a lot of people…

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